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Body massage is better than sex?

 For many men, body massage is better than sex! Why?

It is an interesting question that many ask themselves experienced people, you can even say “foodies.” Let us try to understand this very delicate and sensitive issue. Sure, sex and erotic massage is two incredibly enjoyable process. What is sex and “what it eats,” I think they know everything.) Still, let’s look at the term in detail and break it down for the most curious. So:

Sex  (Latin sexus – floor) – the relationship of the two sexes, which is based on the instinct of procreation, but people have gone far beyond this basic need. In a narrow sense – a set of physiological and psychological reactions of human behavior and emotions that are associated with the desire to express and satisfy sexual desire.

Sex can be a means of:

  • – Breeding / reproduction, in this instance, the end result is important, not the process itself, with the erotic aspects play a very small role, but a very important natural and social qualities of the parents;
  • – Relaxation / discharge of sexual arousal;
  • – Sensual pleasure, first drew attention to the aspects of the game of sex, and the great importance of novelty, variety of erotic art, but that’s not necessary psychological intimacy and sexual pleasure partner – it is as a complement to equity;
  • – Advertisement & expressions of love to each other;
  • – The establishment of intimacy between partners, communication, communication (“improvement of relations”);
  • – Self-assertion (in this case, the first place there is the need of the individual to prove to myself and / or others that he sexually attractive and can meet);
  • – Satisfying sexual curiosity / knowledge partner primarily acts as an object of knowledge;
  • – Habits, evidence of stable existing relationships between partners;
  • – Improving the emotional and physical state, in consequence of this increase in disability.

Erotic Massage

For the a start, let’s take a we shall understand, that such a erotic, rastolkuem the value of this the word.

Erotica – the art of transferring their sexual emotions. Most often, erotica is betrayed with the the help of dances, of Fine of arts, telodvizheny, films, of literature and of songs. Behaviour of the person of the developing erotica can be a is connected both with a sense of of love, the so-and simply with a sexual lust after her.

Erotic massage is a special area of ​​the massage, which focuses on a specific acupressure and aims to povishenie sexual energy.

History: The Art of erotic massage formed long before our era under the influence of the ancient cultures of China, India and Thailand, and to date we have improved erotic massage through long practice (by trial and error, observing the nature of the human body), which established the clear system of therapy health improvement.

The founding father of erotic massage is Dr. Jivaka, personal physician of one of the Indian kings, who ruled for more than two thousand years ago. Erotic massage is often used for therapeutic purposes in conjunction with traditional medicine. All the knowledge and skills due to the lack of written nowhere recorded, transmitted masters only by word of mouth, and taught individually.

In 1832, Thailand’s King Rama III founded the first university in Wat Pho, he became the first institution of higher education to train ordinary citizens. On marble slabs (60 of plates) and the on the walls of of the temple plotted images and diagrams your exposure lines to on the body and acupressure of points. At the same time, produced 80 statues that depict stretching and postures of yoga, 26 of which are still in the Wat Pho.

 Types of erotic massage

There are a 3 basic kinds of of erotic bodi of massage: the general erotic massage, the royal erotic massage and a massage of women’s-feeding.

  •  – General erotic massage

 This is the main direction of erotic massage, the ego is used in practice and training (especially for foreigners). The peculiarity of this type of massage is more intimate contact with the patient, using the thumbs, the surface of the palm and its base, elbows, outer part of the wrist, forearms, feet and knees.

  • – Royal Thai Massage

The feature of this type of massage is a massage therapist that travels along the patient’s knees, constantly keeping his distance from the patient’s body, as well kneaded not lie on my stomach ever, the therapist uses mostly thumbs cancer, sometimes the outer part of the wrist, a massage therapist for almost a massed , touching it only with his hands, work surface. It starts with a massage from the knee and on up the legs, then do foot massage, and then – feet. Stretching positions do not apply.

  • – Massage of female breast

 This is a very nice view of erotic massage. Many people know that in erotic massage parlors girls do breast massage, it is called a “body massage”. It is very nice and a lot of fun.

The procedure itself is of massage

condition massaged

Before a session of erotic massage sure to find out the status masiruemogo. The internal state of the masseur and the patient should be calm and relaxed. Masseur every minute should be focused on the massage. It is obligatory according to the massage therapist about any discomfort. Is conducted a massage in the accordance with the breath masiruemogo and the masseur. It creates an atmosphere of trust between the patient and a massage therapist. Highligh importance when the erotic massage has the ethics of.

The effect of erotic massage

  • – Improves blood circulation and warms the massaged area, reduces puffiness.
  • – Improves the strength and efficiency of the muscles, I will bring toxins, relieves stress, relaxes the tendons and improves their elasticity.
  • – Stimulates and improves the activity of the nervous system.
  • – Deep and rasslablennoedyhanie.
  • – Improves the elasticity of the digestive tract, massaging the stomach prevents indigestion.
  • – Improves blood flow to the skin, improves skin condition, razglazhivanet scars.

The basis of erotic massage is the stimulation of vital energy. Whole-body flow 72,000 channel vital energy. Proper technique erotic massage works on these lines and maintains the balance of the vital energy of the mind and the body (freeing of blockages and increasing the flow of energy along the same lines.) In the physical sense, a massage therapist stimulates blood circulation, pushing the energy points, increases the sensitivity of nerve endings, improves flexibility and mobility of the body, promotes relaxation.

We got what constitutes the terms and imply sex, erotica and erotic massage. From the above it can be seen that sex and erotic massage is an integral part of human nature, its needs and sexuality. Even more precisely, sex is a must, and erotica is like foreplay before sex, erotic massage, then this is the strongest aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual energy, increases physical and mental powers of man. Also erotic massage has a positive effect on the nervous system, digestive tract, blood circulation, improves muscle performance and reduces tension.

Decide what to choose, what kind of massage is of course to you!

Love each other!