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Classical Massage

Classic massage ( back and body )

Massage – is a manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. When properly used, it helps to balance the body and help with posture, relieve pain and increase the flow of oxygen and other nutrients in the blood and bone. Massage techniques vary from practice on stress relief muscle relaxation and stress reduction for the treatment of extensive (some of which do not even include physical contact ) to modify and influence the body’s energy. There is a wide range of massage techniques, so you have to decide which one is best for your needs. If you just need the help of back spasms a couple of times a year, or want to integrate the principles of massage in your daily life, there is a method that is right for you. Types of massage is different qualitative reasons for their development. In other words, you need to find among his massage parlors, and choose the type of massage that is best suited to your specific needs. You are trying to reduce stress ? You want to focus on a certain part of your body ? Have you had a recent physical injury or past emotional trauma? Think of all of these factors to determine the type of massage that is just for you. Stress Relief with erotic massage most effective. The effects of stress on the body can be extremely harmful. When muscles are tightened – circulation decreases, oxygen and nutrients locked.

Massage is a great way to relax the muscles, increase the volume and bring oxygen and nutrients back into the body. It can also release toxins, so it is very important that you get rid of your toxins of drinking water after the session. The history of massage. Massage has been around since ancient times. The Chinese are often credited with creating the first forms of massage around 3000 BC. e. India is also known for its long cultural use of massage. In the 6th century AD, the Japanese are further developed the art of managing energy within the body. Although rooted in the Eastern tradition, but the massage eventually moved to the west, to the ancient Greeks and Romans. When the Roman Empire fell, however, massage, as well as many medical and scientific practices was gone. But over time, it was revived in Europe during the Renaissance, and developed as a form of treatment. Swedish massage – the most popular method in the United States today, was designed combining modern principles of physiology with the ancient methods. After the Second World War, the massage is an ever-growing popularity. Nowadays, thanks to strict industry standards and licensing practitioners, massage is an accepted form of alternative and traditional medicine. Many people rely on massage to maintain good health and energy to prevent and cure the disease, but for the simple relief from stress and other effects of life in the 21st century.