24 часа / 24 hours


Massage for couples and girls

Massage for women – 700 UAH – 60 min

Couples Massage – 1000 UAH – 60 min

Erotic massage for two Kiev – revelation and trust, finds a pair of loved ones who love each other. This is one of the ways to restore confidence on the way to understanding the nature of each other, achieving a harmonious relationship. Massage for couples therapists offered in our salon – visualization of sexual fantasies, vivid images, events, and sooner or later inevitably arise in the men’s or women’s consciousness that becomes a means of achieving harmony.

Massage for two – the desire of both indirect involvement in their sexual relationships of constituents, due to not only a man’s natural polygamous, a secret desire to witness the closeness favorite with passionate gentle seductress.

Couples Massage woman can also deliver genuine pleasure as sexual temptation, despite the opinion of many men in women is not less. The object of their erotic fantasies do not become rare contact with the woman, and erotic massage for women is the best way to realize their dreams.

Couples massage Kiev – an incredible pleasure of touch, which many are more likely to receive than to give. This is the most touching taboo in traditional massage areas of the human body, which, according to Indian healers of ancient times, the most sensitive and vulnerable. Erotic massage for couples, implemented simultaneously by two masseuses to the impact on the hip, pelvis, legs, feet, abdomen, perineum, breasts helps women not only enjoy this sacrament, but also heal, preserve youth.

Couples massage may well be part of such a specific non-traditional method of treatment, as nu -therapy with which to successfully cope with the healing systems, psychological clips, internal taboos. Demonstration of nudity during the massage to the girl an act on the road to gaining self-confidence, regardless of the external advantages or disadvantages. This kind of disclosure of femininity, which can be an absolute surprise your partner with a massage for couples who can open unexpected edge of your nature.

Such an action, like a massage for two Kiev – a step to the manifestation of emotion, which so seek sexual delight the man to a woman, her willingness to experiment, sexual discovery. Massage for couples or girls, masseuses carried out in our salon – an opportunity for women to experience the fullness of feeling with every fiber of his body, a man experienced in contact with the woman. That will allow a better understanding of man’s nature, the instinctive desires of your partner.

In addition, a massage for two, according to Oriental medicine, greatly increasing the circulation of vital energy, which is a flood covering the entire body, the main venue of concentration, which is the genital area.