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Prostate massage

Prostate massage

Prostate massage or massage of the prostate gland – a kind of mechanical stress produced in order to cure chronic prostatitis, pain in the pelvis -standing. Furthermore, treatment of impotence caused by disorders of significant prostate also implies the need for prostate massage.

Therapeutic massage of the prostate in most cases produced by a shallow finger putting it into the rectum (4-5 cm ), since this procedure with the use of a hardware method is highly undesirable, can significantly injure such a sensitive area. Prostate massage can be performed in several positions. Optimal for this type of procedure will be the position in the knee – elbow position, the location of the body lying on the right side or standing.

The therapeutic effect for the prevention of prostatitis this event is in the so -called drainage duct cancer, prostate massage which helps to release her from the dead, treat the cells with stagnant sore secret. Furthermore, this procedure helps to increase blood flow during medical treatment improves the penetration of antibiotics. But beyond that prostate massage activates the body’s natural defenses, promotes an increase in the period of remission.

The ratio of doctors to massage the prostate gland is ambiguous, because their opinions differ on this point. Most of them have confirmed the usefulness of this event, because massage therapy is a procedure may bring benefit to any other body of the organism is undeniable. And so, as the prostate – one of the important organs of the male reproductive system, this measure as the prevention of prostate for the treatment of impotence is useful.

This procedure can be carried out both independently and with the help of a specialist. In this case, prostate massage is undoubtedly in trying to hold it on your own can lead to disastrous results, or simply do not bring any benefit from the non-professional penetration. Our massage therapists conducting this delicate procedure, proficient enough specific knowledge, methods and skills, in order to host the event efficiently, and most importantly comfortable.