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Rates of erotic massage

Tuition fees:

The theoretical session – 200 UAH. 45 minutes

erotic massage courses where experienced master key shares the secrets to the student body. Need 3 theoretical classes to go to practice.

A practical session (woman ) – 650 UAH. 45 minutes

courses are held two women at once, one of which is your teacher, and the second – a dummy.

A practical session (male) – 750 UAH. 45 minutes

erotic massage courses conducted a master masseuse at the man.

Erotic massage – it’s a whole philosophy, is one of those mysteries, which was founded by the ancient knowledge of techniques that are centuries old polished, with particular trepidation handed down from generation to generation. The skill, the mastery of which can take a lot of time, as the school of massage – more arts school, long way to understanding, first of all himself, his body, the disclosure of their talents.

With these deep knowledge apprehended more than just technique and harmony of body movements that allow you to learn the lessons of massage. Perceived subtle art of mastering even the management of energy flows internal rhythms of the body and the body of the partner.

Rates of erotic massage – the whole range of knowledge of practices derived from the masters who have known perfectly all the elements of this temptation. The sense of touch – one of the most important senses of man, the loss of which deprives him of the inner essence of harmony, donated by the world of sensations. Tactile tangible every part of our body conveys the emotion and experience, warmth, love, understanding, hatred. Powerful impetus derived flesh partner, able to respond to arouse special passion and sensual desire.

Erotic massage courses conducted by us –  is to help the development of your theory, the masterful mastering the ancient techniques, exceptional knowledge, capable to deliver unparalleled lust on the proximity to you and your partner.

Courses erotic massage Kiev – loving couples the opportunity to return the lost joy of sexual pleasure, increase libido, get an opportunity to strengthen the brightness of the resulting orgasm.

We give you the experience – courses erotic massage that will not replace the seizure of all the techniques of seduction. We priotkroem veil of modesty in front of you and restrictions, which robs you of sexual harmony with your partner.

We will teach you how to do erotic massage, plunging into the wonderful world of feelings, fantasies, cleverly indulge in an all-consuming passion leaving all fear, doubt, worry, anxiety.