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HotMassage-реальные, красивые девушки

About massage + video

Erotic massage is a leader among the various relaxation techniques. This procedure is not just a massage, and characterized by the creation of sensual relationship between the client and the massage therapist that make having fun with all the participants.

Even a man full of everyday concerns, coming to the salon of erotic massage, very quickly abstracted from everyday life and enjoy every moment in the massage room. Formed a separate universe where there is a language composed of moans of pleasure and interjections, involuntary gestures and sounds, which are the best evidence that massage – great fun for both partners.

This is an opportunity to contemplate the female body, to enjoy the harmony of movement and elegance of its lines. Beautiful girl will show you all of this, slowly undressing under the pleasant music and accompanying all this delicate dance movements.

Classical massage (back and body)

For many classical massage – this is the only way to relax after work, relieve fatigue and stress, absorb waves of pleasure and relaxation. Classic massage is very good for health and helps to increase energy and activity. Woman in underwear held a special school will obscherasslablyayuschy massage and wellness massage!

Mini body massage

Unforgettable erotic massage, so well and professionally done only in the cabin HOTMASSAGE.

Erotic (body)

Our girls will make you a classic full body massage from the feet to the tips of the fingers, and then you will know the full enjoyment of body massage! If you have time for an hour, then this massage suits you perfectly!

Massage lady

If you want to play? Do it here! Performed without classical massage. Our girls will take any of your face, such as the doctor-patient relationship, a strict teacher and naughty schoolgirl (whips and toys).

Massage for girls

Women should not deny yourself the pleasure to experience all the delights of erotic massage and get sexual pleasure from gentle hands of skilled masseuses. There are girls who are able to, as no one, appreciate a woman’s body, and we are invited to enjoy, this erotic body massage for girls! Masseuse girl smears butter and starts to slide his body on your body. After that, the masseuse makes obscherasslablyayuschy full body massage!

Thai (double relaxation)

It fly away, indulge yourself loved twice. You are tired and want to relax a little more than usual? Then this erotic massage for you! Softness of our kitties will caress your body and then relax, classical massage and erotic body massage again!

Massage with two ladies

Divine erotic massage, four hands. Prikrasno two girls make you body massage, you and two of the Goddess, what could be better? At the beginning of the erotic body massage, then an unforgettable classic full body massage.

Massage for Couples

This type of massage is ideal for couples who want to diversify their sex life and deliver your partner more pleasure. Erotic massage in Kiev will save you the stress of sexual relations, and bring a new experience to them. In addition, erotic massage helps increase confidence break down boundaries and stereotypes and, as a result – the birth of an unprecedented affection and confidence in your communication. During the massage, you can be together with your partner. Two beautiful girls without complexes unforgettable body massage will make you and your lady, girl-girl, girl-boy, then a classic full body massage for you and your companion! The thrill will remain in your memory for a long time.

Lesbian Show

This revelation shows in which two sexy girls first buttered caressing each other with body massage bring pleasure to themselves and to you, looking at it you can go crazy, and then gradually move to you and begin to work miracles

VIP massage

Erotic massage for those who wish to relax in full! Girl dancing upscale strip dance with toy after performs erotic body massage, then a professional classical massage and of course one more relaxation in the jacuzzi with candles and rose petals! CLASS say is to say nothing! Service enabled sexy lord! VIP massage – it’s cool.

Massage 3 ladies

Feel like a Sultan! Erotic massage with three girls will make you be somewhere in another world! Our girls like Nymphs surround you in the tale of madness erotic body massage, dancing belly dancing will bring you to the rapid orgasm (without sex), then the classical massage in six hands and bathing in the hot tub, including services sexy master for three girls!


Adult lord – a service that allows you to touch the girl’s body, kissing and caressing her body, hands and no penetration of the penis into your private parts of girls, our kitties really like this procedure!

Prostate massage – a useful massage men after 30 years, performed in fingertips in a circular motion, reduces swelling and inflammation, prevents prostate cancer.

Kissing mutual – the name speaks for itself, you caress her and she kisses you (except sex zones and face). Well together and you just

Relax in the jacuzzi – our girl mermaid, with candles in the jacuzzi with rose petals and romatnicheskoy music will make you a body massage and buys you!

All massages are performed using special oils. The role of essential oils, which are used in traditional massage, erotic much more. During erotic massage client is in close contact with the hips, buttocks, chest and abdomen massage, her hands and fingers. Thus, erotic massage is somewhat similar to sexual foreplay. Complements the atmosphere is all appropriate music and exotic that make each unique and unforgettable erotic massage salon in Kiev HOTMASSAGE.